There are our ideas

Simply defined, Kingston Health Crafts is a sales, marketing and distribution company specializing in consumer healthcare products. For the individuals who stand underneath this organizations banner, Kingston Health Crafts, represents a collection of ideas but perhaps most importantly, unabashed hope.

These ideas are neither ground breaking, paradigm-shifting or worthy of any other superlatives. In fact, you probably first came across them around the time you graduated from kindergarten. They are simple, they are sincere, they are what we truly believe. The ideas themselves are not unique, but our conviction and level of commitment are. These are our ideas.

Care, and don’t just say it a thousand times.

It’s simple enough and it’s called care. It means that whether it is a special request, a product issue or a simple delivery – we take personal responsibility for it. It means that if something goes wrong, we’ll work our hardest to fix it and when things are fine, we are working our hardest to make them even better.

Relationships not transactions.

We aren’t interested in the quick buck. We are here for the long run, and in order to survive and succeed, we appreciate the most important aspect of any business are the relationships that you form and nurture. Regardless of who is sitting across the table from us, whether they are partners, suppliers, vendors or customers, we are committed to establishing a long term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Be honest.

We don’t cheat ourselves, our suppliers, our customers or our partners. There is no duplicity in the manner we conduct ourselves because we believe that the best relationships are those that are forged in honesty and tempered with respect.

Be human.

All too often businesses take a life of their own, with their own often cold, distant and robot-like personalities. We are committed to ensuring that Kingston Health Crafts remains a human enterprise where we refuse to reduce our business and relationships to a barrage of spreadsheets, faxes and account numbers. To that end, we are committed to getting to know our customers, partners and employees better and being accessible, both as an organization and as individuals. We like to to think of it as business with a pulse.

Kingston Cares

In an effort to expand and organize our community outreach efforts, Kingston Health Crafts launched the Kingston Cares initiative in January, 2008. The program aims to involve the organization and it’s employees in charitable and humanitarian efforts throughout the year.

Kingston LogoAs a part of the program, a percentage of profits from selected products, will be donated to charities and those in need as suggested by team employees and clients.

Kingston Health Crafts endeavors to be a upstanding citizen within the communities where we live and work. If you know of or are involved in an organization which may be interested in partnering with the Kingston Cares program, please contact us.

Kingston Cares is a non-discriminatory, secular initiative with no political or external affiliations. Kingston Cares is not a registered charity.

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